Loading and Delivery Day Moving Checklist

1 Day Before Your Truck Arrives

Make sure you have secured permission for our driver to park the truck in a designated location. If we are positioning the truck on a city street, check with the police or traffic enforcement officials for any required permits. If you're at an apartment complex, check with the management office so they know the truck will be there for your entire loading period.

If you're taking a refrigerator make sure to empty, defrost and clean it. Give it at least 24 hours to air dry.

Plan your breakfast.

Pack your personal belongings - except your alarm clock.

The Day The Truck Arrives

Someone needs to be at the address where you will load the truck to receive it and to show the driver exactly where to park it. Our drivers usually arrive between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. or 2 pm to 5pm (depending on what arrangements have been made The trucks can be left for up to 3 business days at no additional charge (some restrictions apply, ask your relocation specialist for details).

While Your Shipment Is En Route To Your New City

Contact Moving Yourself operations at least once to make sure everything is in order. We will inform you where your truck is and update the estimated arrival time for you. We can also advise you if your shipment was within the space limits of your contract. If you're over these amounts, payment is due to Moving Yourself before the truck arrives for unloading.

When Your Shipment Arrives At The Destination City

Your destination delivery planner will contact you to schedule delivery. The truck usually arrives between 8 a.m. and 10am or 2pm to 4pm. (unless other prior arrangements have been made). The trucks can be left for up to 3 days unloading at no additional charge (some restrictions apply, see relocation specialist for details.

Once You Are Done Unloading

If you have pre-arranged to have the trailer picked up, the driver will arrive in the pre-arranged time slot.  If you finish unloading earlier than your pre-arranged pickup, call Moving Yourself operations and the next available driver will retrieve the empty unit.