How It Works

Our service is like Pods, but with a truck!  We bring the truck out to your home where you have up to 3 days to load it.  We take it to the destination where you have up to 3 days to unload it.  All of the trucks are 28ft long, 8ft wide, and 9ft tall.  We break them down into smaller compartments using moveable walls.  So, we can get you a space as small as 4ft or as large as the entire tractor trailer!  

We only do one household shipment on each truck.  When the truck comes to your home, it is empty and you load up against the front wall.  When you are done loading, a bulkhead wall secures your goods in the nose of the trailer.  We then load boxed and crated freight on the rest of the truck (at our terminal).  The truck is transported to the destination terminal where we offload the freight and then bring the truck to you for you to unload.  Your stuff is never touched or taken off the truck and the truck is never left anywhere unattended with your stuff in it.

What do the trucks look like (and how to load them)?

Here is our video that shows you how to load your truck.  It is pretty helpful in giving a better explanation of what the trucks look like and how we use them.

How to Load Your Moving Truck

Shipping Cars

Cars for us are shipped separately on an auto transporter (the big trucks that haul 8 cars at a time).  Car shipping is also full service, meaning that the driver will load, unload and secure the vehicle on the truck. 


We provide $10,000 of coverage with every move, but that is for catastrophic loss only (fire, collision, overturn of the vehicle, etc) and is limited to $.10 per pound.  Because we do not load or unload and the stuff stays behind the bulkhead wall throughout transit (is not touched), we cannot cover for things like scratches and dents.

I Don't Need the Truck for 3 days:  Other Loading/Unloading Options

1. Live Load - the driver pulls up and waits while you load everything onto the truck. The first hour is free. Each extra hour is $150 an hour. This is the most-recommended option for apartments.

2. Same Day Drop off and Pick Up - drop off the truck in the am and pick it up in the pm. If you have a lot of stuff, this is the best option. There is a one time fee of $150 for this option... you have to have a place that can park a 28ft truck for this one.

3. Terminal Load - if there is no place to park and no place that is large enough for a truck to wait for a live load, you can bring the shipment to our terminal and load it there. You have all day to load. This will reduce your price by the delivery fee on the truck that is already calculated into your original cost ($75).

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